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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot


by Samuel Beckett

Waiting for Godot Resources

Movie or TV Productions

2001 Movie

A movie version of Waiting for Godot from 2001.

1991 Movie

A movie version of Waiting for Godot from 1991.

1977 TV Movie

A made-for-TV adaptation of Waiting for Godot.

1975 TV Movie

Another made-for-TV movie, but this one is in German.

1971 Movie

And yet another one, but in Swedish.

1965 Movie

A 1965 Czech version of Waiting for Godot.

1965 TV Movie

A Norwegian made-for-TV version of the play.

1961 TV Movie

Another made-for-TV movie of Waiting for Godot.

While Waiting for Godot

These folks thought Beckett needed an update for the 21st century. It's won a bunch of awards, but young Shmoopers, be warned: it's uncensored.


"Waiting for Elmo"

Monsterpiece Theater's "Waiting for Elmo," from Sesame Street.

Drama Workshop Excerpt

A 1987 San Quentin Drama Workshop excerpt on Waiting for Godot.

Lucky’s Speech

This is Lucky’s speech, and it’s fantastic.


An Audio Performance of the Play

You should definitely check this out; it’s an audio recording of the play’s performance. You can really get a sense of Waiting for Godot as a dramatic work when you hear the lines spoken instead of just reading them on a page. No joke. Just do it.


Lucky and Pozzo

A picture of Lucky and Pozzo on stage.

A Comic

Punning and computers; it doesn’t get much better than this.

Playbill Cover

A Playbill cover from the first London production.

Book Cover

This s the book cover for a Turkish edition of the play.

Original Book Cover

The cover of the first English edition of Waiting for Godot.

The Author

A photo of Samuel Beckett.


The Nobel Prize

Beckett won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969. Here’s why.


Fan Site

A great fan site for Samuel Beckett.

Read Godot Online

The full online (and free!) text of Waiting for Godot, complete with pictures, which are fun to look at.

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