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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett
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Waiting for Godot Time Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

VLADIMIR Look at it. They look at the tree. ESTRAGON I see nothing. VLADIMIR But yesterday evening it was all black and bare. And now it's covered with leaves. ESTRAGON Leaves? VLADIMIR In a single night. ESTRAGON It must be the Spring. VLADIMIR But in a single night! (2.197-203)

Time passes in an absurdly inconsistent manner in Waiting for Godot; while the characters decay (Pozzo goes blind, Lucky loses the ability to speak), the tree goes in the other direction -- blossoming in a single night.

Quote #2

ESTRAGON We came too soon. VLADIMIR It's always at nightfall. ESTRAGON But night doesn't fall. VLADIMIR It'll fall all of a sudden, like yesterday. ESTRAGON Then it'll be night. VLADIMIR And we can go. ESTRAGON Then it'll be day again. (Pause. Despairing.) What'll we do, what'll we do! (2.334-40)

Estragon seems to catch only glimpses of the horrible stagnancy in which he and Vladimir are stuck. At this brief moment of realization he despairs, only to be distracted once again by Vladimir or by some inane element of their surroundings.

Quote #3

We are waiting for Godot to come— ESTRAGON Ah! POZZO Help! VLADIMIR Or for night to fall. (Pause.) (2.526-9)

Vladimir’s notion of time is tied up with the concept of waiting for Godot. The fact is, waiting for Godot is as repetitive, predictable, and never-ending as waiting on a daily basis for night to come. The end result is always the same, and the process always begins anew the next day, with no end in sight.

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