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The Waking

The Waking


by Theodore Roethke

The Waking Resources


Poetry Foundation Biography

Read all about the poet’s wild life here.

Kunitz on Roethke

Peer and articulate poet himself, Stanley Kunitz reflects on Roethke’s life and work.

Roethke House

Search the man out in the house in which he grew up, learning where he had to go.

Everything Roethke

Looking for lots-o-links? You’ll find 'em here.


Creepy Animation

Okay, we don’t know if Roethke really looked this strange in real life, but this out-of-synch talking head rivals the Great and Powerful Oz.

Roethke with Bass

Here’s a pretty sweet musical interpretation of the poem.

Waltz with Roethke

Check out this mash-up with scenes from the animated movie Waltz with Bashir.


Roethke Himself

The poet gives sound to meaning.

Intimate Reading

Here’s a personal (maybe a little too personal?) version.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The poet in skullcap, looking pretty freaked by his own thoughts.

Roethke on a Wall

A graffiti finger shows him where to go, if Ted can rise to a walking position and make it so.

Troubled Ted

Imogen Cunningham, an amazing poet, captures the man’s troubled soul here.

Articles and Interviews

“Setting Roethke’s Poems to Music”

Ned Rorem collaborated with Roethke, creating a “bastard” born of poetry and music. He describes his process here.

Literary History

Get your lit crit fix here with a plethora of links.


The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke

Drink your fill of Roethke awesomeness.

Movies and TV

In a Dark Time—Theodore Roethke

Check out his 1964, 24-minute DVD.

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