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Walden Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors Summary Page 1

  • In the winter, Thoreau lives through many snowstorms. If we know our author, a snow day for him probably means more thinking, not less.
  • He thinks about some of the former residents of the area, including Cato Ingraham, Zilpha, Brister Freeman, the Stratton family, Breed's Hut, Wyman the potter, and Hugh Quoil. (Say those three times fast.)
  • The only thing that remains of all of their homes, though, is a dent in the earth where their cellars used to be.
  • Thoreau wonders why this area didn't survive, while Concord village flourished.
  • Despite all the snow, Thoreau has a few regular visitors, including a poet and a philosopher. So Thoreau, a poet, and philosopher walk into a bar...ouch.
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