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by Henry David Thoreau

Walden Resources


The Real Thing

This is the official site of the Walden Pond State Reservation. It's worth a virtual and real-life visit.

Walden Woods Project

Here's a site dedicated to conserving Thoreau's Walden, with information about its ecology and history, and biographical and bibliographical links about Thoreau.

The Web of American Transcendentalism

This website from the Virginia Commonwealth University provides some great resources on the American Transcendentalist movement, of which Thoreau was a big part. You'll find text from Transcendentalist writers, essays from modern scholars, and biographies of Transcendentalist writers.

Thoreau's Walden

This is the website for an NPR program dedicated to Thoreau. In addition to great reporting from NPR, it contains links to multimedia resources related to the author, like video of an actor portraying Thoreau and an audio clip of "Tom Bowling," Thoreau's favorite song.

Historical Documents


The full-text is available online here. We're not sure how Thoreau would have felt about that.

"Civil Disobedience"

Read Thoreau's famous essay that advocates for peaceful resistance. This work has inspired everyone from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Emerson's Nature

Compare Walden to Thoreau's buddy's essays on nature.


Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on self-reliance also has a lot of similarities to themes found in Walden.


Tour Thoreau's Cabin

Here's a YouTube tour of the replica of Thoreau's cabin. (We couldn't help but notice the road right behind it.)


150 Years of Walden

In 2004, NPR celebrated Walden's 150th birthday. Guests include Thoreau historians.



The man had a serious neckbeard.

See Walden

Images of our favorite New England pond.

Thoreau's Cabin

Here's a picture of the replica of Thoreau's cabin. It looks <em>tiny</em>. You can visit it at the Walden Pond State Reservation.

Inside the Cabin

Take a peek at the inside of the cabin replica. Looks cozy.

Walden Pond

An old photo of the pond.

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