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Walk This Way

Walk This Way


by Run-DMC & Aerosmith


"Walk This Way" Cover

This was the single art for Run-DMC's "Walk This Way."

Raising Hell Cover

When it was released, it was the biggest rap album ever.


From left to right: Run, Jam Master Jay, and DMC.

Run-DMC Logo

The Run-DMC logo even appeared on Adidas shoes during the 1980s!

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler has a famously big mouth.

The Mouth

Well, maybe not that big.

Joe Perry

Joe Perry has been known as a riff magician, as hit after hit of Aerosmith's have been based on his guitar lines.


The full band never recorded the new version of the song.

Branching Out

Aerosmith have gone on to do many great things, and new things, too, like releasing a version of Guitar Hero.

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