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Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons


by Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons Chapter 28 Summary

The Black Hills

  • All of the sudden, Sal feels the need to rush toward Idaho again. They drive on through the beautiful Black Hills, which look magical.
  • They stop at Mount Rushmore, which they don't like at all. Sal wonders how the Sioux people feel when they look up at the faces of four American presidents carved into their holy land.
  • They don't stay there long, because Sal really wants to get a move on. Gramps jokes that maybe Sal could take the wheel for a bit. It turns out he taught her how to drive back in Bybanks.
  • Despite Sal's big rush, Gram and Gramps really want to stop and see the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone.

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