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Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons


by Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons Chapter 32 Summary

Chicken and the Blackberry Kiss

  • Gram, Gramps, and Sal speed through Wyoming until they get to Yellowstone, but it's nighttime, so they check into a motel.
  • But Gram is so excited to see Old Faithful in the morning that she can't fall asleep. She asks Sal to continue Phoebe's story as they lie in bed.
  • So Sal keeps going.
  • When she sees the picture of the lunatic on Sergeant Bickle's desk, she marches straight out of the police station and straight to Phoebe's house. Unfortunately, Phoebe isn't home.
  • Mrs. Partridge calls over to Sal. Mrs. Partridge is all dolled up and ready to go somewhere. Just then, Mr. Birkway pulls up. Wait, what's he doing here?
  • Apparently, Mr. Birkway is Mrs. Cadaver's twin brother. The plot thickens.
  • The next day at school, Sal tries to tell Phoebe about everything she's learned and discovered – about both the photograph, and Mr. Birkway's family – but Phoebe totally gives her the cold shoulder.
  • In English class, Mr. Birkway continues to read aloud from students' journals. Everyone is petrified at what might be revealed this time.
  • Mr. Birkway reads from a journal that is clearly Sal's. He reads a passage in which she describes her mother's blackberry kiss and Sal's own blackberry kisses. Everyone giggles, and Sal is, of course, completely mortified.
  • Then Mr. Birkway reads from another journal. In it, the writer (who is clearly Phoebe) writes about her suspicions that her next-door neighbor is a murderer. Mr. Birkway stumbles while reading this journal, probably because he recognizes his sister's name in the entry.
  • Everyone in class is super intrigued about who this murderer really is, but they won't find out because class ends just then. Saved by the bell!

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