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Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons


by Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons Chapter 8 Summary

The Lunatic

  • It's time to jump back into Phoebe's story.
  • One day, Sal is hanging out at Phoebe's house when Mary Lou Finney calls to invite them over.
  • Phoebe has to go around checking and double-checking to make sure all of the doors and windows are locked, because none of the other Winterbottoms are home. Neurotic, much?
  • The doorbell rings, and they see a young man (about seventeen or eighteen years old) waiting at the front door. He seems very nervous, and he asks if Mrs. Winterbottom is home. Phoebe tells him she's not.
  • When he asks her name, Phoebe tells him. Then Phoebe asks if she can give her mom a message from him, but he says no and leaves.
  • Convinced that this guy is a lunatic, Phoebe makes Sal run with her all the way to Mary Lou's house because she's afraid the "lunatic" will ambush them.
  • Practical Sal believes Phoebe's imagination is overreacting. Uh, you think?

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