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Walk Two Moons
Walk Two Moons
by Sharon Creech
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Mary Lou Finney

Character Analysis

"One girl, Mary Lou Finney, said the most peculiar things like out of the blue she would say, 'Omnipotent!' or 'Beef brain!'" (3.12). Mary Lou Finney is the quirky girl in Sal's class who says things like "Omnipotent!" or "Beef Brain!" (3.12). She's also quite nice, and often invites Sal and Phoebe over to her house. She is not like the other girls in Sal's grade who are all concerned with gossip and clothes and hair. Mary Lou seems to be in her own world, and it seems like an awesome place. Plus, her home is chaotically full of love and fun, and it reminds Sal of the way her own family used to be.

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