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Character Role Analysis

Ben, Tom

How many near-miss kisses can a girl have? Lots, apparently. Ben is the dreamy cartoonist in Sal's class who pursues Sal in a quiet but determined way. He really, really likes Sal, and to watch them together makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh, and his parents are nowhere in sight, so he and Sal have a lot in common, it seems.

Tom is the young man who tries to rob Gram, Gramps, and Sal while they are swimming in a river on their road trip. He is a complex dude, but one that proves to have a heart of gold at the end of the day. He likes Sal a lot, and he gives her his address in case she ever wants to contact him. He even tells her he likes her hair. While he may not be as swoon-worthy as Ben, he's got his own brand of charm.