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The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir

The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir

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The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir Photos

    Building the Wall
    According to this artist, the stone-mason himself, and not Svadilfari, is the one doing the heavy lifting. Svadilfari looks totally uninterested in the building project. [Illustration by Robert Engels, 1919.]

    Loki and Svadilfari
    See that pretty horse in the distance? That's Loki seducing Svadilfari in the form of a mare. The stone-mason tries to hold on to Svadilfari, but it's obvious that the horse is going to break free. [Illustration by Dorothy Hardy, published 1909.]

    That is a lot of legs. [Depiction on the Tjängvide image stone, Viking Age (700-1000 AD), from Gotland, Sweden.]

    Odin and His Trusty Horse
    Here's Odin riding Sleipnir. The horse's legs sure do look weird. [Illustration from an 18th century Icelandic manuscript.]

    Statue of Sleipnir
    This modern-day statue of Sleipnir stands in England. [Statue near Steve Field, Wednesbury, England.]

    Odin Riding Sleipnir
    Odin hightails it to Hel in this picture. [Illustration by W.G. Collingwood, 1908, from an edition of the Poetic Edda.]

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