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The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir
The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir
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The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir: Horseplay Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around The Walling of Asgard and the Birth of Sleipnir? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. What or who is Valhalla?

a. The name of the stone-mason
b. The king of the Aesir gods
c. The hall where warriors killed in battle get to feast with Odin
d. The name of Odin’s eight-legged horse
Q. 2. What is Middle-Earth?

a. The empty space between the land of the gods and the land of the giants
b. The land of the giants
c. The place where humans live
d. The Vanir kingdom
Q. 3. What is Asgard?

a. The place where the Aesir gods live
b. The underworld
c. The land of the giants
d. The fortress surrounding Middle-Earth
Q. 4. What does the stone-mason want in exchange for building a giant wall around Asgard?

a. He wants to rule the Norse gods.
b. He wants all of the jewels in Asgard, including Freyja's necklace Brisingamen.
c. He wants to marry Frigg and rule the underworld.
d. He wants to marry Freyja, and he wants to be given the sun and the moon.
Q. 5. Do the gods promise to give the stone-mason what he wants?

a. No, they tell him to buzz off.
b. Yes, but only if he is able to build the wall in one season, entirely by himself.
c. No, they send Thor to kill him instead.
d. Almost everything. They don’t want to part with the sun and the moon.
Q. 6. What or who is Svadilfari?

a. The fire-land
b. Thor's magical hammer
c. The stone-mason’s horse
d. Odin’s house
Q. 7. What does Loki do to prevent the stone-mason from finishing the wall on time?

a. He disguises himself as a pretty mare and lures the stone-mason’s horse away from the stone-mason.
b. He steals all of the stone in Asgard.
c. He turns the stone-mason into an eight-legged horse.
d. He disguises himself as a Freyja and seduces the stone-mason.
Q. 8. What do the gods discover about the stone-mason?

a. He’s actually a sorcerer.
b. He’s actually a giant.
c. He has not struck to the rules of the agreement – he’s had help from the dwarves.
d. He is actually a horse.
Q. 9. Who kills the stone-mason?

a. Loki, disguised as a horse, tramples the stone-mason.
b. Thor kills him with his hammer.
c. Odin throws him off the rainbow bridge.
d. No one kills the stone-mason. They welcome him to Asgard.
Q. 10. What or who is Sleipnir?

a. Sleipnir is the stone-mason's true name.
b. Sleipnir is the name of the wall around Asgard.
c. Sleipnir is Odin's eight-legged horse.
d. Sleipnir is the name of the stone-mason’s horse.
Q. 11. What do horses symbolize in medieval culture?

a. Betrayal
b. Defeat
c. Death
d. Sexuality