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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


by James Thurber

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Men and Masculinity Quotes

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Quote #1

. . . "It's the millionaire banker, Wellington McMillan," said the pretty nurse. (5)

Mitty always makes a point of including beautiful women in his fantasies.

Quote #2

"We're having the devil's own time with McMillan, the millionaire banker and close personal friend of Roosevelt." (5)

Mitty glamorizes men who are close to important people.

Quote #3

"Quiet, man!" said Mitty, in a low, cool voice. He sprang to the machine, which was now going pocketa-pocketa-queep-pocketa-queep . He began fingering delicately a row of glistening dials. "Give me a fountain pen!" he snapped. Someone handed him a fountain pen. He pulled a faulty piston out of the machine and inserted the pen in its place. "That will hold for ten minutes," he said. "Get on with the operation." (6)

Mitty imagines himself as a decisive man who can take charge. In his mind, these are ideal male qualities.

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