The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
by James Thurber
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Versions of Reality Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"WE'RE going through!" The Commander's voice was like thin ice breaking. (1)

Notice that we begin the story in Walter's mind. This is good evidence for the argument that dreams and not reality dominate the plotline.

Quote #2

The pounding of the cylinders increased: ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa. (1)

Notice how elements of reality are incorporated into Mitty's dreams. In this case, he reinterprets the sound of the car as the sound of the hydroplane.

Quote #3

"You're tensed up again," said Mrs. Mitty. "It's one of your days. I wish you'd let Dr. Renshaw look you over." (3)

After this line, readers might suspect that Walter Mitty is mentally unstable. Or, it could just be that his wife is overreacting.

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