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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

Andrei (Andrew) Bolkonsky Timeline and Summary

  • We meet Andrei in Petersburg with his pregnant wife Liza.
  • Andrei advises Pierre to give up his partying lifestyle.
  • During the first war against Napoleon, Andrei joins the military as an adjutant to General Kutuzov, leaving his wife with his father and sister.
  • He is wounded in battle and has an out-of-body moment while looking at the sky. Napoleon saves him and lets him go.
  • He gets back to his father's estate while his wife is in labor.
  • After she dies in childbirth, Andrei feels guilty about the way he treated her and decides to devote himself to his son and family.
  • In 1809 Andrei meets Natasha at a ball and falls in love with her.
  • They get engaged, but his father doesn't approve and demands that they postpone the marriage for a year.
  • Andrei goes abroad to recover from his war wounds and sends Natasha unromantic letters about his travels.
  • When he returns, he learns that she has ended the engagement and has almost eloped with Anatole.
  • After his father dies, Andrei decides to go back to the army.
  • At the battle of Borodino, he is wounded in the stomach.
  • Along with many of the other wounded, he is taken to Moscow.
  • When Natasha and her family are fleeing, they take many wounded with them, including Andrei.
  • Midway through the flight, Natasha finds out that Andrei is there, and goes to see him.
  • He is very ill and is constantly in and out of consciousness. In the middle of his hallucinations, he realizes that she is with him.
  • Andrei forgives Natasha and is in love with her again.
  • He struggles to stay alive, but eventually just gives up.
  • Andrei's sister and son come to see him for a few days, then he dies.