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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Epilogue, Part 1, Chapter 8 Summary

  • Marya has a good effect on Nikolai.
  • He’s got a temper and beats the serfs who annoy him.
  • One day, Marya sees him beating some guy and starts crying. Nikolai feels awful and, from then on, tries to avoid fighting as much as possible.
  • His aristocratic neighbors don’t really like him. He’s too concerned with his serfs for their taste.
  • Instead of socializing, Nikolai just farms and reads books at night. He’s filling his library with the classics of his day and tries to read through each of them.
  • Sonya is still living with them, helping out around the house and with the kids.
  • One day, Natasha is talking to Marya about Sonya and basically says that she is the kind of person who was born to be taken for granted. Ouch.
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