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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Epilogue, Part 1, Chapter 9 Summary

  • Some years pass. It’s December 5, 1820.
  • Natasha and her kids are visiting Nikolai and Marya. Pierre is away in Petersburg, but he’s supposed to be back any moment.
  • At dinner, Marya can immediately tell that Nikolai is in a mood. Instead of just leaving him alone, she asks him what’s wrong. Bad call. He snaps at her and she gets sad.
  • Nikolai walks off and takes a nap on the sofa in the next room.
  • Marya goes to play with the kids, then checks on Nikolai.
  • He’s sleeping and hates being woken up, but one of the kids came with her and she worries that he might make noise.
  • And that’s what happens. Nikolai gets snippy and Marya leaves the room to let him sleep.
  • Then their daughter runs up to him. He sits up and, just like that, he’s all happy again.
  • He and Marya make up and he starts dancing around with his daughter.
  • This whole thing is just a weird moment between them.
  • Anyway. There’s a noise at the door. It’s Pierre. Natasha immediately cheers up.

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