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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

Natasha Rostov Timeline and Summary

  • Born in 1792 (which we know since she's 13 in 1805), the third child and youngest daughter of the Rostov family.
  • At 13, has a huge crush on Boris, a young up-and-comer whose mom is friends with her mom.
  • She makes friends with Pierre.
  • Boris heads off to make a name for himself, and she forgets all about him while crushing on other boys.
  • At 15, she meets her brother Nikolai's much older friend Denisov, who proposes and is rejected.
  • A year later, at her first ball, Pierre introduces her to the widowed Andrei, and they quickly fall in love.
  • Andrei proposes, and Natasha accepts, but his dad is totally against the marriage. He demands they wait a year while Andrei goes abroad to heal his war injuries.
  • While she's waiting, Natasha goes to Moscow.
  • She meets Andrei's sister Marya, and they hate each other.
  • She also meets Anatole Kuragin, who is super-hot and tries to seduce her. It works really well, and she is ready to elope with him. Natasha writes a letter to Marya ending her engagement to Andrei.
  • Her cousin Sonya figures out the elopement plan and quashes it. Natasha is depressed and then totally crushed when Pierre reveals that Anatole is already married.
  • Napoleon is heading toward Moscow, so the Rostovs flee. Natasha comes to life a bit when she starts taking care of some war wounded.
  • She convinces her family to take the wounded with them instead of their belongings.
  • Mid-flight, she finds out that one of the wounded is Andrei, and she nurses him as he tries to recover from his injuries.
  • They fall in love all over again, and at the same time Natasha grows really close to his sister Marya.
  • Andrei can't hold on to life. He dies, and Natasha goes into a deep depression.
  • She travels to Moscow with Marya to see a doctor and runs into Pierre again. He clearly loves her, and she falls in love with him.
  • They get married and have four kids together. The marriage is a very happy one.