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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 11 Summary

  • Countess Rostov wants to have a heart-to-heart with her BFF Princess Drubetskoy, but Vera is still hanging around not getting the hint. Finally, her mother straight up tells her that she’s being a third wheel, and Vera follows after the teenagers.
  • But she’s not wanted there either. It’s clear that Vera is the one everyone wants to vote off the island, but they’re stuck with her because she’s family.
  • The teens are coupled off, but Vera breaks up the make-out party and starts telling them they’re all too young to be together.
  • Everyone is annoyed, and Natasha tells off her sister, calling her out for having no heart and not loving anyone.
  • Vera takes it in stride and goes off.
  • Meanwhile, Countess Rostov is super-impressed by how Princess Drubetskoy was able to get Boris into the guards.  The Princess is all, yeah, I hope you never have to do any such thing.  A widow with a kid and no money, she’s had to fend for herself.
  • Her feats are apparently very impressive. Boris is going to the army as an officer, while Nikolai Rostov is just a cadet.
  • Still, it’s all not sunshine and roses for Boris. He needs 500 rubles for his uniform and equipment, and all his mom has is 25 rubles. What little money she has is tied up in some lawsuit. Shmoop’s betting we’re going to find out the deal about this lawsuit eventually, but right now it’s very mysterious.
  • The only hope the Princess has is that Boris’s godfather will pony up the dough. Oh, and his godfather is Count Bezukhov, a.k.a. father of the illegitimate Pierre.
  • The Princess and Boris leave to go ask Count Bezukhov for money. Count Rostov tells her to invite Pierre over to their name-day dinner if she runs into him.

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