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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 13 Summary

  • Pierre is in Moscow because the bear-policeman-sandwich story is all too true, and he’s been kicked out of Petersburg.  (Shmoop’s guessing that means he’s been told to go away by polite society, not that he’s literally been banned from the city.)
  • When Boris goes to see him, Pierre is hanging out in his room pretending to be Napoleon.  He has no idea who Boris is.
  • After being kind of a jerk about it, Boris finally identifies himself.  Then he launches into the most uncomfortable speech ever, basically telling Pierre that even though Count Bezukhov is crazy rich, he and his mom don’t want any of his money. 
  • Pierre is all, yikes, I barely know you and I didn’t think that anyway. But Boris is happy to have said it.
  • Pierre is taken aback and impressed by Boris’s unexpected honesty. He gets all emotional over how he doesn’t want money either, and why won’t his dad see him, and also can he and Boris be BFFs from now point on?
  • Boris changes the subject to Napoleon. Then a servant comes to get him, since his mom is done sucking up to the rich and powerful.
  • They leave, and the Princess tells her son that Count Bezukhov is senile and almost dead.  She hopes he’ll leave them some money in the will.  Boris doesn’t know why he would.

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