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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 14 Summary

  • While the Princess is gone, the Countess gets more and more upset thinking about her broke friend.
  • Finally, she calls her husband and asks him for 500 rubles. Without even blinking, he summons his personal secretary and tells him to bring 700 rubles – and “don’t bring torn and dirty [notes] like the other time, but nice ones, for the countess” (1.14.17).
  • That’s class. Not to mention some deep pockets.
  • The Countess doesn’t tell him what it’s for and he assumes it’s for whatever she usually wastes money on. They have a sweet moment when she scrubs a little stain off his coat.
  • When Princess Drubetskoy comes back, she tells the Countess about Count Bezukhov being on his deathbed.  She is clearly upset and disturbed by this.
  • With some embarrassment, the Countess slips her the money. The Princess starts to cry, and so does the Countess. They hug each other. Aw – that’s what friendship is all about.

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