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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 9 Summary

  • Count Rostov kind of teases his son Nikolai by saying that since Boris is an officer now, Nikolai must want to tag along and join the army too.
  • Nikolai is all nuh-uh!  To which his dad is like, oh settle down – you kids today, always throwing a tantrum about something or other. He’s totally that dad who gave into all his children’s whining just to get them out of his hair.
  • Julie Karagin suddenly starts flirting with Nikolai, which totally upsets his cousin Sonya.  Sonya and Nikolai are clearly together, and Sonya runs out of the room. Nikolai follows her.
  • The adults are all, oh, children and their young love.
  • Count Rostov tells Marya Bolkonsky that Natasha is taking voice lessons and is an incredible singer. 
  • The Countess says that Natasha is in love with Boris.  She then brags that she’s so close to her daughter that she always knows everything that’s going on with her. The Countess and Marya Bolkonsky then kind of commiserate about teenagers and their propensity to get into trouble. What kind of trouble? They don’t really spell it out, but we will: S-E-X.
  • Then the Countess says that her oldest daughter Vera was raised way more strictly, but once you have twelve kids (whoa!), you kind of let the younger ones run a little more wild.
  • Finally, the Karagins leave.
  • Countess Rostov is totally appalled by their manners. They should have left a long time ago.

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