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War and Peace Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 7 Summary Page 1

  • Nesvitsky gets jammed up on the bridge and is forced to squeeze his horse against the rail as troops march past him one by one.
  • He catches some funny snippets of conversation as the soldiers walk by and talk about girls, food, and fighting. Ah, colorful banter.
  • A wagon rolls by with a German family in it. There are two young women, and they get nonstop catcalls as they go by. Nesvitsky listens to the soldiers talking about getting a piece of that and then offers one of them an apple.
  • Suddenly, a cannonball flies overhead and falls into the water. A mild panic and chaos takes over. The officers try to calm the soldiers down.
  • Nesvitsky starts making his way through the crowd when up behind him comes...Vaska Denisov, who is angry about the mob of people. Together they make their way through, and Nesvitsky delivers Kutuzov’s orders to the guy he was supposed to find.
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