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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 3, Chapter 16 Summary

  • Kutuzov and his officers ride up to the nearby village and start regrouping when…
  • The French attack!
  • Out of nowhere.
  • Bullets flying, guns blazing, kitty litter hitting every fan.
  • Andrei immediately decide that this is his moment, but before he can do anything, all the Russian soldiers start running away in fear.
  • Kutuzov is furious but can’t do anything about it. Also, a bullet grazes his cheek.
  • Andrei looks around and sees one Russian battery fighting off the French. There are other Russian troops near it, but they aren’t coming to help.  The guy holding up the standard (basically a big flag that shows soldiers where to go) is killed and the standard falls to the ground.
  • Andrei runs and picks the standard up and starts calling the soldiers to follow him to help the battery. And...it works! They stop retreating and join in behind him.
  • As he is watching fighting on the battery, Andrei is smashed on the head (probably with the butt of a musket, Shmoop’s guessing) and falls down.
  • He loses track of what’s happening around him and has a moment of religious clarity, thinking about the infinite sky. Then he passes out.

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