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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 1, Part 3, Chapter 19 Summary

  • Andrei is still lying on the ground passing in and out of consciousness.
  • He hears some riders approaching. One of them is...Napoleon! Well that’s quite a coincidence.
  • Napoleon is in an excellent mood because he has won this big battle.
  • He checks out all the dead and then realizes that Andrei is still alive. Napoleon tells his staff to get him to the first aid station.
  • Guys, people were way nice to enemy prisoners back then. Especially officers.
  • Andrei is surprised that he doesn’t really care that Napoleon is talking about him. Even though he had always been his hero, now Napoleon pales in comparison with all the deep thoughts Andrei’s been having about the sky and life and so forth.
  • He passes out again when he’s moved to a stretcher, and when he comes to, he’s being lined up with some other prisoner officers for Napoleon to look at.
  • Napoleon compliments them all on fighting a good fight, being brave, and doing a great job. Aw, he’s such a nice enemy.
  • The other prisoners have a pleasant little conversation with Napoleon, but Andrei doesn't say anything. Instead he starts thinking about the icon that his sister Marya gave him and how nice it would be to just have the kind of deep faith that she has and not worry about doubt or uncertainty.  See, told you he was having deep thoughts.
  • He passes out from pain again (no Advil back then), and when he comes to the next time, Napoleon’s personal doctor is saying that most likely he’ll die from his wounds.
  • Andrei is left behind in the care of the villagers.

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