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War and Peace Volume 2, Part 3, Chapter 11 Summary Page 1

  • The Rostovs’ finances are on the fritz, thanks to Nikolai’s enormous 40 thou gambling debt.
  • Nikolai’s doing his best to live frugally now, but now Count Rostov has to get a job.
  • The Count takes the family to Petersburg to try to get himself a government position and to let the girls have some fun.
  • During the trip, Berg (that guy who only likes talking about himself) proposes to Vera (the robot daughter). She says yes.
  • Even though the Rostovs are totally A-list people in Moscow, in Petersburg they’re bumped down to B or C.
  • Berg is a master of self-promotion. He’s talked up his Austerlitz battle injury so much that he’s gotten two medals for it, and two more for other war doings. In reality, Vera will be marrying down, but somehow everyone just accepts this as a good match.
  • Finally, Berg meets with Count Rostov to figure out Vera’s dowry.  They kind of haggle over it mildly and finally agree on 20 thou down and 80 thou as an IOU.
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