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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 3, Chapter 23 Summary

  • To get married, Andrei needs his dad’s permission. Wait, what? Really? But he’s an adult. He even has all his inheritance already, so it’s not even a money thing.
  • Well, whatever. Andrei sets off to see his dad the next day.
  • His dad is underwhelmed by the good news. He’s a crabby, bitter old man who resents anyone else’s good time or youth. His response?  Eh, that’s nice, but you have to wait a year before getting married just to see if this so-called love will last.
  • Andrei agrees and stays with his dad for three weeks. His dad and his son. Remember how he has a son, whom he rarely sees?
  • Anyway, back in Petersburg, when Andrei suddenly disappears for three weeks without so much as a word, Natasha becomes totally depressed. She mopes around all day. Then one day she wakes up and decides to just go back to her old life.
  • Just then, she hears the door. It’s Andrei.
  • Andrei speaks with Countess Rostov and asks for Natasha’s hand in marriage. Obviously, the Countess says yes.
  • Then Andrei asks Natasha herself. Surprise, surprise – she also says yes.
  • At first she is too excited to really register the whole wait-a-year thing, but when it sinks it she's upset. Well, for a couple of minutes, anyway. Then she decides she’s willing to wait.

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