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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 3, Chapter 24 Summary

  • Andrei and Natasha's engagement isn’t announced. Andrei’s idea is that they’ll keep it secret and if Natasha changes her mind, it’s cool. (He’s being very thoughtful, actually.  Back in the day, if others knew that Natasha was engaged and then the engagement was broken, she would be viewed as less-desirable marriage material.)
  • But still, when he comes to visit the Rostovs, he is part of the family.
  • They grow closer and closer until he stops being a stranger and starts feeling like a dear old friend.
  • He and Natasha don’t really talk about their future, but she does tell him that she will love and take care of his little son.
  • Finally, as he is about to leave Petersburg, Andrei brings along Pierre and tells Natasha and Sonya that even though Pierre is ridiculous socially, he has a heart of gold.  They should ask him for advice about life if they ever need someone’s help.
  • Andrei leaves for Germany.
  • Natasha is miserable and depressed for two weeks, but then seems to snap out of her depression. But with some marked changes...dum-dum-dum…

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