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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 3, Chapter 26 Summary

  • Six months later Andrei sends his sister a letter announcing that he’s planning to remarry. He tells her all about his love for Natasha – six months apart and still going strong.
  • He asks Marya to see if his dad will let him marry her in three months instead of another six.
  • His dad’s answer? Basically a kick in the face. (Well, a verbal kick.)
  • Instead, the sour Prince Bolkonsky starts mocking Marya with the idea that he’ll marry her companion Mlle. Bourienne. (Remember her? She still lives with them.) And Marya does notice that her dad seems to be getting closer to Mlle. Bourienne.
  • Now, all Marya has going for her in the world now is her little nephew Nikolai, whom she’s basically raising as a son, and her religion. Her only true friends are those strange people of God who come by every now and then.
  • One day she decides to become a religious wanderer. She buys herself a wandering outfit and everything. But every time she looks at it and is about to leave her life behind, she realizes that she loves her father and nephew more than God.

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