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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Volume 2, Part 4, Chapter 12 Summary

  • Natasha almost immediately knows what’s up and gets Sonya and Nikolai to drive home together in one troika.
  • Halfway through the ride, Nikolai runs over to Natasha’s troika and tells her he’s going to marry Sonya. She’s excited for them.
  • At home the girls start daydreaming about their married lives.
  • Then they play one last ghost game. They set up two mirrors to show an infinite series of reflections. The idea is if you stare deeply into the reflection long enough, you’ll see something.
  • Natasha tries and sees nothing, even though she’s really hoping to see Andrei.
  • Sonya tries for a while and also sees nothing, but decides not to disappoint her cousin. She lies and says she saw Andrei and that he smiled at her.  Well, OK, that’s not such a particularly terrible lie.
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