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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 5, Chapter 13 Summary

  • As promised, Helene's party is only three steps up from an orgy. Count Rostov doesn’t leave Natasha’s side for a second, realizing that no one there is up to any good.
  • Still, everyone talks about how pretty Natasha is, and guess what – she’s a fan of this treatment.
  • Anatole manages to get her alone-ish by asking her to dance.  While they’re waltzing, he tells her that she is gorgeous and that he’s madly in love with her. At first she’s like, “hey, I’m about to get married,” but it’s clear she is really into it.
  • He corners her again later in a little room and kisses her. His sister comes and leads her back to her dad.
  • It’s hard to say, but it seems like Helene and Anatole are kind of working in cahoots. Maybe they haven’t actually talked about it, but it’s clear each knows what the other is up to.

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