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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 5, Chapter 19 Summary

  • Pierre gets an urgent message to come to Marya Dmitrievna’s house.
  • On the way he runs into Anatole, who’s acting like everything is hunky-dory, riding around all dressed up in his sleigh. Pierre is a little jealous of Anatole's carefree life.
  • Marya Dmitrievna fills Pierre in on the haps and he is floored.
  • He tells Marya Dmitrievna that there’s no way Anatole was planning on marrying Natasha, since he’s already married. This is yet another bombshell, and they decide that Natasha should know. It’ll help her see how dumb she’s been.
  • Pierre has a little chat with Count Rostov, pretending that everything is fine, and then goes in to see Natasha.
  • He tells her that a) Anatole is married already, and b) he just saw Anatole having a grand old time on his horse.
  • Natasha is destroyed.

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