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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 2, Part 5, Chapter 21 Summary

  • Pierre tells Marya Dmitrievna that Anatole is gone.
  • He then goes off to his club. He hears rumors about Natasha and says the only thing that happened was that the Rostovs declined Anatole’s proposal of marriage.
  • The Bolkonskys are psyched that the marriage between Andrei and Natasha is off.
  • Andrei returns.
  • The first thing he hears is that Natasha has refused him.
  • At his dad’s house, Andrei seems fine. He talks to Pierre about his political ideas.
  • When Pierre finally brings up the whole Natasha situation, it’s clear that Andrei knows all about Anatole. He is bitter and unpleasant and generally grossed out by Natasha.
  • He tells Pierre that he can never forgive her, gives Pierre her letters and presents, and tell him to tell Natasha that he wishes her the best.
  • Pierre is sad to see how gleeful the old man is, and how happy Marya clearly is that her brother won’t be getting married.
  • Over dinner they discuss the war, which is about to break out again.

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