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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 3, Part 1, Chapter 14 Summary

  • In the middle of the night, everyone is woken up – the army is on the march again to a village called Ostrovna.
  • Nikolai and Ilyin get ready and ride off. Nikolai is on an a fantastic campaign horse. He is amazed to see that already he knows how to deal with the fear of coming battle – mostly by ignoring it and staying in the moment.
  • Ilyin, meanwhile, is freaking out, like all newbies do.
  • After a little while, the regiment lines up behind the front line of the army. The front line is already fighting the enemy and they can hear the sounds of battle.
  • Orders come to attack, and Nikolai hears the sound of bullets. The sound is exciting and he gets all pumped for action.
  • As they ride toward the battle, the guys in front of them ride down to the fighting and then quickly ride back.

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