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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 3, Part 1, Chapter 7 Summary

  • Balashov assumes that Napoleon is also going to be embarrassed by losing control of himself like that.  But no, instead, Napoleon invites Balashov to dinner. He’s so egotistical that he just thinks everything he does is right. Given that he rules over half the world, maybe that’s not so crazy.
  • Now Napoleon is all chipper and cheery.
  • He tries to make small talk with Balashov, basically assuming for some reason that Balashov is now a huge Napoleon fan, has forgotten about his loyalty to Alexander, and would be happy to hear his boss criticized.
  • None of this is the case. Balashov sits through dinner mostly biting his tongue but still gets in a jab here and there.
  • After dinner, Napoleon pulls on Balashov’s ear. Literally. What on earth? Apparently this is a big mark of favor. Um, OK.
  • Balashov goes back to Alexander, tells him everything, and the war is on for real.

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