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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 3, Part 1, Chapter 8 Summary

  • Andrei is still seeing red. He decides to try to find Anatole and have a duel.
  • He needs to find him in person to create some kind of pretext for the duel, because he doesn’t want word to get out about Natasha. That would ruin her reputation.
  • He goes to Petersburg, then to Turkey, but it’s like Where’s Waldo. He can’t find Anatole anywhere. Turns out, Anatole is back with the army, mostly to get away from Andrei.
  • Andrei also goes back to the army, again working under General Kutuzov.
  • When the war breaks out, Andrei transfers to a different general, Barclay de Tolly (one of the three who control the Russian army).
  • On the way, Andrei stops by his estate for some family time.
  • Everyone there tries to be on good behavior for him, even though the family is totally at war. Crazy old man Bolkonsky and Mlle. Bourienne are on one side, and Marya, Nikolushka (Andrei's son), and his tutor Dessales are on the other.
  • Andrei can tell something is wrong, but he doesn’t really get it.
  • After dinner Prince Bolkonsky tells Andrei how horrible Marya is and how awesome Mlle. Bourienne is.
  • Andrei lets it go for a while, but then yells at his dad for his totally inappropriate behavior. Prince Bolkonsky is furious and demands that Andrei leave.
  • Andrei stays one more day to hang out with his kid...which is a bust because he can see that the boy doesn’t really love him anymore. (OK, Shmoop’s going to butt in here and say that Andrei’s seen his son, what, like three days in three years? It may not be so shocking that the boy doesn’t know him at all.)
  • Marya sends Andrei off with some more talk of God, trying to remind him that people aren’t responsible for their actions because God is charge of everything.

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