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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Volume 3, Part 2, Chapter 16 Summary

  • Andrei and Kutuzov chat a little, then Kutuzov asks Andrei to stay with him as a member of staff.
  • Andrei is like, thanks but no thanks – it’s the regiment life for him from now on.
  • Kutuzov thinks that’s a good call. He knows that Andrei is a good man, the kind they need with the soldiers.
  • Kutuzov starts talking about his strategy. Well, not strategy really, more like approach, or even just general outlook. For him, the main thing is to be patient, wait, and see how the chips fall before acting.
  • And with that, Andrei goes back to his regiment somehow relieved that Kutuzov is in charge. He gets that Kutuzov isn’t selfish or out for his career – he's just calm and mature enough to see the whole flow of the army and the war and the randomness of everything and not interfere too much.
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