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War and Peace Volume 3, Part 3, Chapter 16 Summary Page 1

  • Hey, it’s Berg. He’s shown up at the Rostovs' for a visit with his in-laws, mostly because he wanted to be like everyone else in the army and have some kind of “business” in Moscow.
  • Berg tells the Rostovs a bunch of stories about Borodino – the Russian troops were heroes, Barclay is an amazing general, and so on.
  • Then he asks Count Rostov for some money to buy Vera (his wife, the Rostovs' robot daughter) a little desk that someone next door is selling.
  • Natasha goes out into the courtyard and sees that the wounded aren’t getting any wagons. She loses it, goes inside, and calls her mother out for her selfishness.
  • Countess Rostov immediately feels guilty and relents.
  • Natasha runs back outside and orders many of the carts unloaded and given to the wounded men. She feels really good and works hard to set everything up.
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