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War and Peace Volume 3, Part 3, Chapter 17 Summary Page 1

  • Things are ready again. All the Rostovs' carts and carriages stand ready to go.
  • Andrei’s covered wagon is also all set. Sonya asks who is in there, and a maid tells her that it’s Andrei. Sonya is all WHAT? and runs off to tell Countess Rostov. They cry a little bit together and agree not to tell Natasha.
  • After a few false stops and starts, the Rostov caravan is on the move.
  • Driving through the city, Natasha suddenly spots Pierre walking down the street dressed like a peasant.
  • She calls him and he says he’s going to stay in Moscow and fight.
  • He seems kind of crazy and distracted, but the Rostovs don’t notice. He avoids looking at Natasha, even though he can feel her eyes on him.
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