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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 3, Part 3, Chapter 29 Summary

  • In a pretty surprising turn of events, Pierre and the French captain become BFFs.
  • They have dinner together, drinking wine and telling each other about themselves. Pierre at first doesn’t want to give his name and just listens to the French guy talk.
  • They first talk about Borodino. The French officer was pretty impressed by the Russian army.
  • He’s a genuinely nice, fun, friendly guy, and Pierre feels himself getting back into a more human mood and state of mind just from having a good interaction with another person.
  • Pierre is a little disturbed when he realizes that all his psyching himself up to kill Napoleon evaporated so quickly.
  • The officer tells story after story about all the women he’s ever been with – many of them already married, and many of them women that he first rescued from some danger or other.
  • Pierre has a few glasses of wine, then also starts to talk. He tells the French officer about his wife, and his love for Natasha, and then even tells him his name and rank.
  • After eating they go outside a bit and see the beginning of the Moscow fire in a district far away.
  • Pierre goes back to his room and falls asleep.

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