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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Volume 3, Part 3, Chapter 31 Summary

  • Sonya and Countess Rostov are in tears about the fire in Moscow, but when they tell Natasha, she has no reaction and just keeps sitting catatonically.
  • Apparently someone finally told her that the badly wounded Andrei was traveling with them and was going to die soon. She’s been totally unresponsive ever since.
  • That night, Natasha waits for Sonya and her mom to fall asleep and slowly creeps out of the hotel room where she's staying. She knows she has to go see Andrei and makes her way slowly over to his room.
  • She has to step over some servants sleeping on the floor, but when she gets to his bed she suddenly panics.
  • What will he look like? Is he disfigured? Is there even a recognizable body left?
  • Thankfully, he just looks like the Andrei she remembers. She kneels by his side.
  • He wakes up, smiles, and gives her his hand.
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