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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 4, Part 1, Chapter 16 Summary

  • OK, now we're going to back up and see what the heck happened to Andrei.
  • A few days before Marya arrived, everything was fine. Andrei was happy to be near Natasha, and there was love here, love there, love everywhere.
  • All this love made him fight for his life and try to overpower the overwhelming feeling of wanting to sink into the universal love he was feeling in the medic tent – which apparently is the feeling of wanting to die.
  • One night, though, after some nice love talk with Natasha, Andrei has a weird dream. He’s fighting against a door; it keeps trying to open and he’s trying to keep it closed. The more he struggles, the harder it is. And then he realizes that death is behind the door. He lets the door open and dies.
  • Well, in his dream he dies. In real life he wakes up and realizes that he needs to just let go and die, since he’s already half-dead anyway.
  • Or something. Seriously, guys, it’s so convoluted. But you know, for some reason Andrei wants to die.
  • From that night on, Andrei slowly but steadily slips away from life and those who are living around him.
  • His final hours are spent with Natasha and Marya by his side. They are peaceful and quiet.
  • After his death, his body is laid out and everyone cries for him in his or her own way.
  • For Pete’s sake. This novel is way depressing all of a sudden. Maybe it’s time for another stress-relief break. Go outside with a frisbee or something. Yikes.

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