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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 4, Part 1, Chapter 7 Summary

  • As soon as news about Borodino makes it to Voronezh, Nikolai is antsy and wants to take off.
  • He goes to the church service in honor of the victory and sees Marya there.
  • She’s deep in prayer and doesn’t pay any attention to him.
  • When they are leaving, he comes up to her and tries to comfort her – because now she knows about Andrei. 
  • Afterwards, he thinks about how into her he’s becoming and regrets having committed himself to Sonya. All his thoughts are bubbling over with love for Marya.
  • He is overcome and starts to pray – for real, the way he saw Marya doing, not how he used to pray as a kid.
  • Just then he gets a letter from Sonya. She's calling off their engagement. He’s overjoyed that his prayers have been so immediately answered.
  • He gets another letter from his mom telling him about how Andrei is staying with the Rostovs, and how Natasha is taking care of him.
  • Nikolai shows the letter about Andrei to Marya, sees her off, and then goes back to his regiment.

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