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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Volume 4, Part 2, Chapter 11 Summary

  • On October 6, the day of the battle re-do down south, Pierre is living the life of a peasant prisoner. (He didn’t want to be transferred to the officers’ prison shed.) He’s hanging out with a little dog, with barely any clothes to his name, and no longer quite so fat.
  • The French guards are palling around with him, and he’s still friends with Platon.
  • A French soldier chats with him about a sick prisoner. Seems like Pierre gets preferential treatment, and now he’s using it to get this guy some help.
  • Another soldier comes by to pick up a shirt that he asked Platon to sew for him. Wow, Platon is like an apocalypse MVP – he cooks, he sews, he tells longs stories that seem really deep.
  • At first the soldier wants to take back the leftover scraps of cloth, but then he feels bad and leaves them for Platon, who is going to make foot cloths out of them (like socks, we’re guessing?). It’s a nice moment of human connection.
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