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War and Peace
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
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War and Peace Volume 4, Part 2, Chapter 9 Summary

  • Here’s what Napoleon does do in Moscow:
  1. He sends off Murat to figure out where Kutuzov and the Russian army went.
  2. He draws up a map of a campaign across all of Russia.
  3. He sends off some messengers to Alexander with a letter saying how he still really wants to be BFFs.
  4. He writes and posts a couple of proclamations for Moscow inhabitants, calling all the merchants, workers, and peasants to come back, since there’ll be lots of protection for them, and also appointing some kind of city council to be a new government.
  5. He sets up theaters and gives money to the charitable institutions there.
  6. He sets up a system of severe punishments for looting and pillaging.
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