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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 4, Part 3, Chapter 7 Summary

  • Before all this fun, Petya has been with his regiment, feeling like an adult. He keeps thinking he’s missing out on the action, so he begs to be sent to Denisov and promises not to linger there or do any raids. (So, you know, he’s keeping his word obviously.)
  • In the evening they ride to a hut and set up dinner. Petya is whining for Denisov to let him be part of the raid.
  • Then there’s a sweet moment when Petya starts sharing all his things with the other men. He’s got bags of raisins (a great dessert for people who are stuck eating just whatever they find). He’s got flints and knives. As he gives this stuff out, he’s worried the men are going to think less of him for it.
  • Then Petya calls the drummer boy inside and gives him some food. It’s another good moment, since he doesn’t want to look weak, but on the other hand he really feels bad for this little kid.
  • Denisov thinks it’s cool and doesn’t object.

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