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War and Peace

War and Peace


by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Volume 4, Part 3, Chapter 8 Summary

  • And then, in walks Dolokhov. Petya is totally starstruck. Dolokhov out-machos everyone else there; he’s got kind of a Bruce Willis Die Hard quality to him.
  • Denisov is ready to do the raid now. Dolokhov is all, no, we need to plan and still don’t know enough about their numbers and weapons.
  • Then Dolokhov whips out a couple of French uniforms and says he’ll go investigate. Anyone want to come with?
  • Petya is sitting there like the kid with his hand stretched way up in the classroom begging the teacher to call on him.
  • Dolokhov sees the drummer boy and viciously takes Denisov apart for not killing every French guy he comes across. Apparently Denisov takes prisoners and then lets them go.
  • Denisov says this way, if they die, the blood isn’t on his hands. Dolokhov mocks him for being naïve.
  • Petya can’t really follow most of their conversation. He totally has a man-crush on Dolokhov, though, and starts copying everything Dolokhov says.

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