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War Horse
War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo

Abandonment and Death Quotes in War Horse Page 3

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Quote #7

The last I saw of my troop were the bobbing blond manes of the two little Haflingers as they struggled to pull the gun up through the trees. (14.10)

In the confusion surrounding the surprise attack that claims the lives of Topthorn and Friedrich, everyone runs. Even the Haflingers, who had been pulling the gun with Joey for months, flee without helping him. Sometimes in war, it's every man—and horse—for himself.

Quote #8

Since David's death, Albert had not been himself. I had not once seen him smile or joke, and he often fell into prolonged brooding silences when he was with me. (19.7)

Albert has to deal with loss as well. In fact, he and Joey deal with loss in remarkably similar ways, don't you think?

Quote #9

"I'm afraid the horses won't be coming with us after all." (19.13)

The Powers that Be have abandoned all the horses, including Joey, by letting them be sold as livestock. Thankfully the soldiers step in to break the cycle.

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