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War Horse

War Horse


by Michael Morpurgo

War Horse Chapter 20 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Joey's not quite sure what's going on at the beginning of this chapter as a cup is passed around, and the men all clink coins into it.
  • They groom Joey until he gleams and lead him off to auction. (Side note: Um, if they don't want him to be sold, shouldn't they have made him look as raggedy as possible?)
  • Sergeant Thunder engages in a bidding war with Monsieur Cirac, the so-called "butcher from Cambrai" (20.10).
  • Yep, we told you. Joey's not going to make it to the end of this one. Good thing we have one tissue left—
  • Wait a second! Just as the auction is about to end, with Cirac making the final bid of twenty-seven English pounds, an old man stands up and makes the highest bid. It's Emilie's Grandpapa!
  • The hammer falls, and Joey is sold.

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